Our translators have qualifications within areas such as computer technology, economics, software development, digital photo and video, tourism, art, culture and advertising – to name but a few. 

Lingo’s translators are all in-house certified and have a linguistic academic backround. They have passed rigorous testing, and we strive to choose a translator who has a particular interest or proficiency within the subject of the text. After translation, the text is proofread by another translator, who is not only a native speaker of the target language, but who is also often living in the country where the text is to be used. This ensures a high quality level and guarantees that the terminology is always up to date. Finally, the project manager performs a final check to ensure everything is in order before sending the translation on to the client - on time. This gives the best possible translation at the most reasonable price. 

Learn more about our workflow – see Project Management



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